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St Gabriel's Church


The church of St Gabriel is part of the Parish of Walthamstow that includes St Mary the Virgin (off Church Hill, Walthamstow) and St Luke’s (based in the Town Square, formerly of Greenleaf Rd, Walthamstow).

St Gabriel originated in 1881 as a mission of St. Mary’s, Church Hill. Services were held in a shop in Wood Street and in the grounds of a house in Forest Rise.

After two years the name of St. Gabriel was adopted. In 1884 a mission room was built on land given by Sir F. W. J. FitzWygram, Bt. A permanent church was never built, as the funds were diverted to pay war widows’ pensions.

The church was led by Curates from St Mary’s. A separate parish of St. Gabriel was formed in 1919 when the church was allocated its first vicar.

St Gabriels Church
St Stephen Walthamstow

St Stephen's history

The church of St Stephen, Grove Road, originated in 1874 when a temporary church was built in Copeland Road on a site given by Alfred Janson and Henry Ford Barclay.

A permanent church, designed by W G Habershon and adjoining the temporary one, was consecrated in 1878 and in 1919 the church received its first Vicar. Nearly a hundred years later, in 1969 the church was demolished because it had become structurally weak. The church hall was then altered for use as a church.

In 1994 a new, purpose built church was completed, however, St Stephen’s church finally closed in 2017 for financial reasons.

Most of the congregation interspersed between the other churches in the Parish of Walthamstow. The majority of St Stephens former congregants relocated to St Gabriel‘s church.

St Gabriels Church
St Gabriel's Church
Parish of Walthamstow
St Gabriels Church
Photos by John Salmon
St Gabriels Church
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